Claire & Ed Riley

Claire & Ed Riley are the founders of UK education resource company, Classroom Secrets. Currently, Ed is the CEO and Claire is Chairman of the company.

When they started their entrepreneurial journey in education, in 2013, there were no mentors or trainers helping other people start, grow and scale a business in the education sector.

Through their struggle, they've learned a lot that they want to pass onto you, whatever stage you're at in your education business.

In 2021 Education Business Club was born with the aim to help you move your education business to the next stage, whichever stage you identify with now: be that thinking about taking the leap, getting started, growing and even getting an efficient team in place.

Education Business Club

Education Business Club is an online membership with content to answer the specific questions you have to take your education business to the next level. Our content takes the form of audio/text content libraries that are regularly added to based on questions and challenges that our community are dealing with, and video courses relevant to the membership tiers

There is also an in-person element depending on the level of subscription you subscribe to meet your unique needs icluding events, dinners and mentoring.

It's important that you choose the right level for where your business is now by identifying with one of the education business owner descriptions.

You can also compare the different tiers of The Education Business Club to understand which is the right level for you and your business right now, to help you get to where you want to go: more profitable, systemised growth.

Still got questions?

We've got a comprehensive FAQs section to help you understand if the Education Business Club is right for you and your business.