Claire left teaching officially at the end of 2014, 22 months after she set up her first education business.

A serial entrepreneur, Claire now has a group of businesses that serve the education sector.

When Claire first started out in business, she described herself as the typical teacher - she knew nothing about business - but she learned quickly.

Claire learned that many of the techniques and strategies your usual business coach will teach you just doesn't work in the education space. It requires a different approach.

In addition to leading the popular resource website, Classroom Secrets, Claire helps other education business owners to start, grow and scale their businesses.

Claire is the co-founder and CEO of Classroom Secrets, Education Business Club and Teacher Growth Club.



The right support was missing from Claire's early entrepreneurial journey in the education sector.

Claire's mission has always been to help teachers to do what they love, even if that is after they have left the classroom.

Education Business Club is all about creating the right environment for your education business to thrive.

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