Frequently Asked Questions

Is the content in Education Business Club updated regularly?

The courses are reviewed every two years and the content libraries have content added to them every single month.

What's the best way to consume content in the Education Business Club content libraries?

Definitely audio. pretty much every post has an audio file and this is the best content. the text is there so that you don't have to take notes and can easily refer back if needed.

In the audio, you'll hear the real and raw experiecnes, inshights and tips on a rnage of education business topics.

If I've signed up for Tier 3, will I find the content in Tiers 1 and 2 useful?

Absolutely! Each tier includes all the content from the tiers before it. Even if you are focusing on the machine building content library, you will still find value in the Start Up Content Library (and all the others). We all miss things and Education Business Cub has been set up so that entrepreneurs can build good foundations. It's common to get by without addressing certain things, but when it comes to machine building, you have to go back and rebuild some of the foundations that are shaky. The other content libraries will help you do that. 

How is the content presented?

In our courses, you'll find video content. In our content libraries, there's an audio and a text version too. The audio is recommended.

Is Education Business Club VAT Registered?

Education Business Club is not currently VAT registered.