Why isn't my education business growing?

Why isn’t my education business growing? (part 1)

This is a big question because when we talk about ‘growth’ we don’t just mean in the sense of making our business larger by having a bigger team or a bigger office. It’s also about growing a larger audience, getting more clients, getting more revenue and profit. Growth can mean different things to different people.

I have broken this topic in to two blog posts because there are two arms to this. There are the things you can do for yourself to help your company grow, and there are the things you can do for the company. Let’s start with you and what you might not be doing for yourself because that’s the most uncomfortable and progress is made outside of ones comfort zone.

You are not looking at yourself
Everything comes back to personal development, a topic which (I am sure you are all aware by now) is very important to me. I used to pour hours and hours a day into my education business just for fun – I enjoyed working on it so much. Suddenly, a whole month early, my daughter Hattie arrived and I no longer had that time to give. The business always came last and I hated that! I listened to the book Miracle Morning and it totally changed my life – it gave me the tools to find the precious time I needed to work on my education business.
Personal development is about learning about yourself and changing yourself. Changing your habits, your routines, and finding new ways to do things so they work for you. It can be uncomfortable but it is worth it!

You don’t have a plan or vision for your education business
Do you know why you’re ticking the things off your to-do list? Do you do things with a purpose and the bigger picture in mind? Are you fulfilling a specific niche or are you trying to go too wide too soon? That’s a lot of questions to think about but if you don’t have a plan for your education business, it will not grow.

You’re spending too much time creating content for your education business
This is a hard thing to overcome, teachers are creative by nature. But if you’re spending so much time creating, you’re neglecting those other tasks that actually grow your education business. Eventually, those weeks you spend creating will add up and there will be no new clients and no money coming in.

You’re too scared to sell to schools
I will be the first to admit that I was scared to communicate with headteachers. I thought they would think me a failed teacher, but now I communicate with headteachers all the time for The Teachers’ Podcast! You can overcome these hang ups, it’s all part of your personal development. Reaching out to headteachers and school business managers via email isn’t a great sales strategy. Try building relationships and making connections.

You don’t have a coach or mentor to help you with your education business
You may be a self motivated person who can set and reach goals by yourself. But coaching/mentoring is more than that; it’s about the journey you go on and understanding it. I came to coaching too late, by the time I started I had already figured out a lot of the things they were sharing by myself. You need someone who is ahead of you, whose content is pitched at where you are going.

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