Who will I need to help me grow my education business?

Who will I need to help me grow my education business?

When I first started out, I was alone. A one-man band. I did everything. Of course, my husband Ed supported me, but I carried out 95% of the work. He had a full-time job and the business was my baby – he was there for tech support mainly (and a touch of customer service on weekends).

Being a one-man band is hard. I was marketer, resource creator, proofreader, social media manager, customer service, and so on. It was hard to work out where I needed to put my time because everything needed my time and keeping up with demand for resources was hard.

Back then I also thought I needed a full year’s salary in the bank for anyone I wanted to hire (which isn’t true) and I was so worried that anyone I hired might steal my idea and go set up on their own (also not likely but the fear was real).

Now I have a team of over 55. At first, I didn’t handle getting a team well, but I learned a lot and want to share this with you.

I don’t need a team to grow my education business!

I thought this for a time, but I wasn’t looking deep enough. I accidentally created myself a lot of admin work and I don’t love admin work. I like to create. But I needed to get the admin done so there was a business to create for!

Think about a big business, what departments do they have? Marketing, customer service, sales, HR, projects, research. Can you do all of that alone? I certainly couldn’t.

Thinking about all the tasks you do and categorising them into these ‘departments’ will help you realise the team members you need. Additionally, think about which of these tasks you actually enjoy doing! If you enjoy creating, then you need someone to do the admin. Identifying the tasks you enjoy and can only do yourself will also help you work out who you need in your team.

Okay, but do I hire people full time? Part time? Do I want freelancers or employees?

There is no right or wrong about this. It’s all about what you feel comfortable with and can afford. Back when I first hired, I employed them for about 4 hours a week. What can one person really do in 4 hours? Not a lot. But I was so worried about the extra costs. So definitely don’t do that. If you take on someone on a part time basis, make sure give them real hours.

Working with freelancers is a good way of starting out working with others because they are their own boss. There’s no commitment to them. But I would suggest hiring someone with a skill set you are looking for – like graphic design or admin experience – the freelancers I took on needed training in resource creation and I did not commit to doing that properly.

Off the back of that, if you do choose to hire employees or freelancers to do a specific task in your education business, you will need to create video training and that would be best done before you advertise. That way, anyone you take on can hit the ground running and you can set your team up for success.

If your goal in 2022 is to grow your education business, it might be worth taking time over the Christmas period to write down and categorise all the tasks you do in your education business, think about your current financial situation, and consider making that hire. And take some time to listen to my mini-series of the Education Business Podcast on hiring staff!

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