What is personal brand in education business

What is a personal brand in education business?

People buy from people. But they don’t just buy from any people, they buy from people they can trust. People who are experts in their area of business. So, how do customers know if the people they’re buying from are these trustworthy experts? It’s all down to personal branding.

I’ve been working on my own personal brand now since 2017. It wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing in all honesty and I avoided it initially. I wasn’t confident and no other competitor in education business was doing it, so why should I? I was busy; I had a 1-year-old to look after; I wanted the company to have a corporate feel; education business is different, so I don’t need to do it – the list of excuses goes on.

Why I started working on my personal brand for my education business
In 2017, I’d hired some more full-time employees bringing the total number to 8. However, things were not great for the business. We had tried to launch a new level of subscription around Easter, and that went dreadfully. It was August by this point and money was not coming in. I had no idea how I was going to make more sales and pay those wages. I’d been doing my research, listening to books and podcasts on business but, as the case always seems to be, they were never about education businesses so there were so many gaps I needed to fill!

That summer, I started doing 3 things that really helped to change things around:
1.  Facebook lives and sharing my story in them. I wanted to be relatable and tell people why I do what I do.
2.  Sharing my story on social media posts. Snippets here and there rather than trying to push resources again made me relatable.
3.  Sending out a weekly email to share my story. I know, I should have been doing it long before but that’s why I’m telling you now!

Why is personal branding important in education business?
People buy from people. It’s why influencer and affiliate marketing work so well. Customers feel they know you and they trust you and therefore are willing to put their hard-earned cash into your product.
In education, there’s a large number of people who teachers have to answer to and who make decisions for them. These people are unrelatable – teachers don’t often trust them and see them as ‘the enemy’. Showing teachers you know and understand this will help them relate to you. Obviously, you have to be careful about getting too political.

On the subject of being relatable, you have to be mindful of how you share your post-teaching life. Teachers don’t want to see you enjoying a life that is unattainable to them as you try and sell to them – that will alienate your audience. Instead, find something from your story to share. I often talk about relaxing with my children during half-term or the holidays we go on.

Another reason why personal branding is so important in your education business is teachers simply do not have the time to go around exploring options for educational products. If you are there giving them details of your product and how it works, you’re going to save them a great deal of time. They will appreciate this.

Finally, people are looking for that helpful friend. Giving advice in Facebook groups about your specific subject is a great way of building your personal brand. Some might say you’re giving content away for free. But I disagree, what you’re doing is showing your audience you are the expert in this area.

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