What do I need to tell teachers and senior leaders to sell my education services?

Chances are, you aren’t going to get to talk directly to many headteachers or teachers. But your message might get passed to them through someone else, so it is important that you understand them and send the right message to them. You don’t want them to dismiss you right off the bat!

Teachers and senior leaders are not interested in your CV – it’s important to note that from the off. They want you to understand their position in school, to understand the pressures of the job, their workload, the things they will have to deal with on a daily basis in school.

So, what else do they want to hear from you?

They both want social proof that your education business delivers

How can you prove to teachers and heads that your education business will deliver what you are promising? Have you worked in a school they’re familiar with? One where you can name drop the head there and they can get a great review? Do you have any teacher reviews? Is there anything on Facebook (or other social media) that you can point them to? Teachers want to know that others are using your product and are getting results from it.

They both want to know that your education business is going to help solve their biggest problems

This means you need to be up to date with what they’re dealing with. Have you been keeping an eye on the latest education news and policies? Heads and teachers are expected to deliver on these, so if you can offer them a solution shortly after a new policy has been created, then great! That’s one big problem you’ve solved for them.

From a teaching point of view, you need to keep up to date on the temperature within the teaching community. What is stressing teachers out the most. Is it workload? Is it the expectation to teach something new? Is it behaviour management? Use social media to find out what teachers are dealing with and let them know if you can help.

Both heads and teachers need to know you can solve their pain points.

They both want to hear about your results, and they want to see evidence that backs up the results

How many testimonials do you have? Are you collating feedback that might be out there on social media? Are you analysing the data you have collected? Have you even collected any data? Where else can you get reviews? All of this is evidencing your education business can deliver, so gather up as much as you can so you can make use of it!

Now you know what your audience wants to hear, it is time to act on it! Take some time to think about how you’re going to market your education business making sure your audience – head teachers and teachers – are at the forefront of your mind.

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