How do I launch something in education business?

How do I launch something in education business?

This week has been so busy. We’ve finally launched the Education Business Club (in BETA at the moment and if you want to know more, click here). It’s almost a whole year since I set out on the journey to launch this and here we are.

It’s got me reflecting on things I’ve launched in the past for Classroom Secrets and how those launches went. I’m no expert in launching at all, I’m still learning about launch plans from coaches and (as always) adapting that to suit education business. But I enjoy testing and learning – I’m good at it. So here are my launch tips.

You’ve built your audience for your education business, right?

Have you built your audience yet? Before you launch something, you need to have an audience to launch it to. It doesn’t have to be big, but the people that make it up just have to be the right people.

You’ve got to launch something your audience needs

In education, teachers are always on the look out for different products and services to help them reduce that workload. What’s the latest thing teachers are after? Just because you are passionate about your latest ‘thing’ doesn’t mean teachers in your audience give a fig I’m afraid. You’ve got to check the temperature of your audience. Use them! Reach out to them and ask what they need! And speaking of communicating with your audience…

You are going to need time to launch something in your education business

You’re going to have to talk about your launch over and over again. People need to know it’s coming and telling your audience once isn’t going to cut it. They need to be ready for it – almost to the point they’re sick of hearing about it. Build the hype! But this takes a lot of time, so make sure you have planned that out.

You’ve got to be visible to your audience to launch you next ‘thing’ in education business

This is linked to time, to be honest. Talking about it, showing your audience you’re working on it, being visible to your audience for a period of months will help create the hype. When I launched my Selling to Teachers in August course, I launched it during the school holidays with little time and without being visible to my audience. It was too late really, it was already August for a start. But I learned a lot from this, so it was still a valuable experience. My advice is be vocal, be visible almost to the point you feel you’re being annoying, and show your audience you’re working on something they want.

I hope this has given you some good ideas on how to generate some excitement around your next launch. At the time of writing, we were 80% of the way to our target for signed up members. Had I been quiet about the EBC on social media? No! Did I mention it in my podcast at any given opportunity? Of course! Did I refer to it in my weekly emails? You bet! I’m sure some members of my audience were sick of hearing about it – but all that noise has paid off and the launch was successful.

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