How do I launch a new business in the education space?

There’s no right or wrong way to launch something in the education world in my opinion. How I launched the Education Business Club is different to how I launched Classroom Secrets and how I approached launching Discover Yourself After Teaching is very different to how I launched my other two businesses.

There’s lots to consider when you’re planning out how you’re going to launch – do you have an audience built up? Are you established in the education space? What are you launching – is it big or small?

I do have 5 steps that I think you should consider no matter what it is you’re launching.

These are:

  1. Create your idea
  2. Get validation for your idea
  3. Create interest for your idea
  4. Show the value of your idea to your customer base (or potential customers)
  5. Consider a limited time offer to move people to take action (this depends on what you’re offering though, I wouldn’t do this on a resource line for Classroom Secrets for example).

Once you’ve got your idea and you’re happy that it’ll work, I’ve got three steps that’ll help you get your business going.

Work backwards to plan the launch of your new education business

You need to carefully plan out what needs to happen and when it needs to happen. So, you need a date to work backwards from. You have to consider what else might be going on in your life around the time you want to launch. You have to be able to make the commitment to your launch. If you have other things going on, then it might not be the best time to go for it.

You might choose a date, then as you work through the plan you might realise that you need to move it. That is fine – it’s all part of the process.

I plan things out in terms of week. What needs to be done that week and by who. I plan in a lot of detail to – I like to make sure I have everything in one place. It makes me feel like I am in control.

Build your audience

I know I talk about this a lot but if you don’t have an audience, you don’t have any customers! How are you going to get people to come on this journey with you? Have you created a Facebook group? Have you committed to a newsletter and started getting a mailing list together? Do you need a podcast to help promote your education business?

Building your audience will help with step 2, getting validation for your idea. So, make sure you are talking to people, talking to potential customers, and gauging their feelings on your offering. But it will also make sure that you have a successful launch – you have to have people on board; people who will care when it is time for your business to launch.

Share your idea early

As you’re building you audience, you have to let them know something is coming and tell them what that something is. It’s not enough to just say ‘something is coming’ because people won’t care if they don’t have the information they need to decide if it’s something they’re interested in.

So, feel the fear and do it anyway. Share your idea, share it consistently and make people feel a part of the journey.

If you have a launch coming up, I’d love to hear about it and to hear whether I’ve been able to help you plan it! Find me on social media and let me know.

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