How do I deal with the emotions that come with running an education business?

Being the leader of any business is an emotional rollercoaster. Personally, I feel that this is heightened in the education space – particularly if you are an ex-teacher. Us ex-teachers have a lot of other issues to deal with; the perception those still in education might have of us, believing in ourselves after leaving teaching, realising we are offering something that is valuable and being open to making a real living from it.

Some people may not feel the effects of the emotional rollercoaster as much as I have, and that’s great. But some of you might feel them as strongly as I have - I hope knowing you’re not alone in this brings you some comfort.

So, here are some of my thoughts on dealing with the wild ride of education business.

The first thing to know is that it does not stop. You’ll feel it all. You’ll be ecstatic that you’re making so many sales or gaining so many clients, then you’ll feel low and of course you’ll feel all the feelings that fall in between.

You can’t turn feelings off, but you can learn how to manage them. You can learn when to give time to those emotions, taking control before you find yourself going around in circles. Realising what is worth spending the time and effort to unpick and what isn’t.

Money will cause you a great deal of emotional worries. You’ll worry when things are going well and when things are hard – that is something you’ll just have to accept I am afraid. Be prepared to work on your money mindset so these worries don’t consume you.

When you launch something new, you will absolutely go through the emotional mill. You’ll be excited that your product is finally getting out there, you’ll feel nervous thinking about whether your customers will like it or not, or you might be anxious that someone out there in the education community will be armed with a bunch of questions about your new ‘thing’.

You’ll also feel that loneliness that comes with being the leader.

Honestly, you’ll feel it all. You won’t have good and bad days anymore; your days will be filled with both. You could be having the best sales day of the year and behind the scenes you might have to deal with some negative criticism online. It can be so draining, so you really need to know how to manage your emotions.

The best thing I ever did for myself was get to grips with perception (and I still work on this now). Just because someone says something about you or acts a certain way around you, doesn’t make their perception of you true. The more you put yourself out there, the more people you’ll interact with and each of these people may have a different perception of you. But being aware of this is half the battle, you don’t have to defend yourself or try to correct their perception. Just be aware.

The mindset piece around this is huge and constant. You have to keep working on your mindset to give yourself the energy and motivation to keep dealing with the emotions. To be able to do this, you have to find ways to ‘top up’ your energy. I have four things that I practise regularly: meditation, giving myself space, walks alone and journaling. What do you do to keep your energy topped up? If it’s nothing at the moment, you need to fix that. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

One of the emotions you’ll feel the most is fear. Fear that your new launch will fail, fear you won’t make enough sales, fear you’ll not be able to pay your staff, fear of anything legal, fear someone will criticise you publicly. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Most people experience fear when they try something new, and most people get over that fear the longer they take part in the new thing because they are growing in confidence. That is the case with education business, you’ll feel more confident in all areas of business as you do them.

So, those are my tips for managing the emotional rollercoaster of education business. These are big things to work on too. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to manage the emotions. Of course, I don’t want you to be alone – so if you do find yourself struggling an in need of advice, reach out. Chances are I’ve experienced whatever it is you’re going through in one way or another.

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