How do I deal with haters and doubters in education business?

How do I deal with haters and doubters in education business?

How do I deal with haters and doubters in education business?

Education is an industry of knowledge and, of course, sharing that knowledge. So, naturally, your thoughts, words and statements are going to be questioned by someone who thinks they have more knowledge than you.

The thing is, because the sector is so knowledge rich, there’s so much research out there. So many articles to read and absolutely no time to read them all. When someone questions our knowledge, it can feel intimidating. What do they know that I don’t? What have they seen, heard, studied that I haven’t?

But, more often than not, when you get some kind of ‘hater’ or ‘doubter’ comment, that person is homing in on just one tiny aspect. Something that meets their agenda and suits their believe about education. They don’t have any context. Most likely, they’re after gratification. Some confirmation that what they believe is correct. But that’s a ‘them’ problem and not a ‘you’ problem, which can be difficult to see at the time as it can feel personal.

Do I have to listen to them?

Yes! It’s 50-50 whether they are right or wrong. If they’re wrong, you’ll be able to justify why they’re wrong (either to them – nicely – or to yourself) and if they’re right, you can use the information to improve what you do. They’re doing you a favour! You should treat them as such, respond to them in the right way.

Do I have to be nice to them?

Yes! You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be nice to them, give them the context they never asked for, show them your character and your knowledge. If the exchange is happening publicly, it can feel easier to respond with your back up. But letting your guard down and showing vulnerability will get you much further. You’re showing integrity and your audience will see that.

I can’t help but think it’s personal.

It’s really not. What they’re saying isn’t about you, it’s about whatever is going on with them. Their perception of you and the frustrations they have, and that is why you’ll get further with them by treating them with kindness and honesty. They can’t see the work you’ve put in, so tell them!

That said, don’t dwell on it. You don’t need to give the haters and doubters more time, your time is better spent working on other things – perhaps working on personal growth so you don’t take things others say so personally. I’ve spent a lot of time on this over the years and it really has been worth the time.

You are always going to come across haters. It is inevitable. Growing your business, becoming more know in the education sector and building your audience means you’ll attract more criticism. But if you are confident in knowing your mission, you can keep speaking out about it and keep the haters at bay.

I have more tips for dealing with the haters in this episode of the Education Business Podcast.

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