How can I use my teacher skill to start and grow an education business?

In the past, I have talked about the teacher habits that might hinder you when it comes to education business, but I was asked a while back to think about the teacher skills that can be helpful when I featured on the T and Teaching podcast. When I started thinking about it, the ideas fell out!

When I was in the classroom, I didn’t really think about the skills I was using and developing. But I know that some teachers are wondering what skills they have that they can transfer into entrepreneurship. So hopefully some of these will resonate with you.

Teachers know their customer in education business because you are your customer

This is such an advantage when you want to start a business. You already know your customer because you have been your customer at one point. It really helps you understand them. You know how schools work, how teachers think, how leadership thinks, what messages teachers will respond to, what problems they have, what they might be thinking at different times of the academic year. You have a wealth of customer knowledge to tap into.

Teachers are extremely adaptable

How many times have things changed at the last minute for you and you’ve just had to crack on with it? The weather causes your PE plans to go bust, so you adapt a quick indoor session. The laptops you’d booked out aren’t playing ball, so you have to think of another way 30 kids can research the local area. Changing on the spot using the resources available to you at the time is a skill you will need in your education business! Sometimes things can feel turbulent, and you need to be ale to make the best choice based on the information and the tools you have in front of you in the moment.

Teachers have great customer service skills

Children are tricky customers! And, let’s be honest, their parents can be too. But you’ve got the skills. Good teaching is getting people to do what you need them to do, and you will have been practising this throughout your entire career. It’s all in the messaging, thinking about how pupils and parents will react and engage with what you have to say to them. This skill can be transferred to all the messaging you’ll need to send when you’re running your education business.

Teachers are not afraid to work hard

Starting and growing your own education business is not going to be an easy task. You will have to work. I have said in the past that over-working is a bad teaching habit, and it is. But you are going to have to put in the hours to get your business off the ground, so you can reach the point where you no longer have to put in the hours and have the life you want.

These are just some of the teacher skills I think you’ll need when you’re starting and growing your education business. Check out the episode of T and Teaching here or this episode of the Education Business Podcast to hear more.


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