How can I think like a teacher help me with my education business?

There are some of us who have been teachers (in fact, some of us may still be in the classroom) and can tap into thinking like a teacher. There are some of us of who have never been teachers before and might find this more challenging. Thinking like a teacher is something that does require practise – even for those of us who have had the experience before. It’s a hat you have to put on often as it can help you in so many ways. It can help you to work out what they need at different times of the year, how they might be feeling and, therefore, the types of messaging they might be susceptible to, how what is going on in the education world is affecting classroom practices. The list goes on…

So, what do you need to consider to help you think like a teacher?

Who needs your education product or service?

What types of teachers are you aiming your service at? Will it help ECT/NQT teachers? Are you hoping to serve teachers who are ready for retirement? Teachers who are considering leaving to set up their own business?  KS2 teachers? KS1 teachers? EYFS? All these ‘teacher types’ will have different priorities, concerns, wants, and needs so thinking like them will help you address these.

What are these ‘teacher types’ saying and how can I find out?

This is where using online communities that have been built on places like Facebook and Twitter can really help. To think like a teacher, it’s always good to read the teacher community thread boards and get a feel for the temperature within the community. It’s your responsibility to find out what they are saying and crying out for. Is it help with workload? Is it help with behaviour? Are they asking for something that you don’t currently offer but easily could? This information is valuable when it comes to product creation and marketing.

Is there any data I can use to help me think like a teacher?

There are loads of education surveys being published that gauge how teachers (and other school staff) are feeling. Often these surveys are linked within relevant news articles – it is important that you keep up to date with the education news too. This all helps you ensure your marketing messages are sensitive, appropriate, and timed right. It can also help you when it comes to product development and creating the right product at the right time.   

Thinking like a teacher might feel like a small and simple thing and you may think you already know how to do it. But it is such a useful tool when it comes to marketing and product development, it is certainly something that is worth consideration.

I cover these points and some more in my podcast – check out the episode here.

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