How can I sell my education product to schools through teachers?

You might be thinking that selling to schools through teachers sounds unfair and wrong. You might be asking yourself, ‘Why should teachers spend their own money on classroom resources?’ I would agree with you – they shouldn’t have to. However, this is not something that is in our control and focusing on selling to teachers is a good thing. Truly – trust me. It is how my education business, Classroom Secrets, became successful when we first started out.

So, what can you start to do to help sell your education product/service to schools via teachers?

Start focusing your efforts on delighting the customer

In order to get success from selling to schools via teachers, you have to ensure you are delighting the teachers! They’re your main customer so you need to focus your efforts on their needs rather than the needs of senior leaders or other staff within schools. It is highly likely that they will be the ones using your product or service, so what can you offer them?

When you start to focus on selling your education business to teachers, your messaging will change. You will need to make it clear what you can do for them. Once you start delivering on these promises, you will start that word-of-mouth wave! Teachers share with each other teacher and when enough teachers in a school are using your education product or service, they will likely tell their school leaders, who may well share this with other school leaders, even partnerships and MATs (multi academy trusts).

While this might feel like a long process, it is a worthwhile one. One that starts with the very simple idea of delighting one audience.   

Connect with teachers

When you are selling to individuals in this way, you need to make a connection with them. You can’t hide behind a faceless brand – I tried that in the beginning, and it didn’t work out.

You can start by thinking how visible you are to teachers. Do they see you on social media being the ‘helpful friend’? Do you appear in their inbox in a selling capacity or in a helpful capacity? If you’re not available to teachers, how are you going to make yourself available to them?

Delighting the teachers and creating this connection will help you massively when it comes to the upsell you want them to do in their school. So, while this seems like a lot of work now, it will pay off in the end.

How you can make a start selling your education product/service now

Consider what you already have to offer. Are you solving a problem teachers might have right now? Can you offer this to them, something they really want and need, for relatively cheap?

If you can, great! Start delighting the teachers with that now! Focus entirely on them because they’re the ones who are going to ignite that word-of-mouth wave and sing your praises to their colleagues.

If you would like to hear more on how you can sell to schools through teachers, listen to episode 20 of my podcast here.

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