How can I grow my entrepreneurial energy?

Let’s talk about the energy you need as an entrepreneur. It’s not just about physical energy – the good stuff that comes from exercise, sleep, and good nutrition. I am talking about the energy you need to keep you motivated, excited and passionate about your ventures. Your entrepreneurial energy.

This kind of energy is truly a gift, but it is a gift that must be taken care of and protected. You can easily burn out if you don’t. This type of energy is wrapped up in some big beliefs; belief that the world can benefit from what you are creating. So, you need to make sure you keep this energy topped up and flowing without working yourself into the ground or becoming disenchanted when things don’t move as quickly as you’d like.

How can we protect our entrepreneurial energy so we can always turn up for our education business?

First of all, you have got to know what lights you up! What is it that gets you up in the morning? Doing more and more of the ‘thing’ will keep your energy topped up for sure. Not doing your ‘thing’ often enough is a very quick way to put out your entrepreneurial spark. That goes for getting yourself trapped in never ending admin work, you’ll find yourself wondering why on Earth you ever bothered setting up your business in the first place!

Next, you need a cause to believe in. A cause that is bigger than your business idea and that is ideally linked to the ‘thing’ that lights you up. Your cause is the thing that drives you – it gives you your purpose. Having a clear purpose will also ensure your energy is topped up. My energy comes from my cause to create and facilitate teacher happiness, whether that is in the classroom or outside of it. My businesses all align to that in some way. What is your cause?

Knowing what lights you up and knowing your cause gives you something to be relentless about. You don’t want to go about creating your education business half-heartedly, you have to be like a dog with a bone about it and the people around you need to feel that coming from you. No one else is going to have the passion, drive, and energy for your idea. You need to have it and spread it to your team.

But this relentlessness also needs protecting because as your business grows, you’ll need to use more of it. So how do you protect this restlessness and how do you get it back should it start to slip? This is not a question I can answer because we are all different in this aspect. For me, going out for a walk by myself to give myself the space I need to reflect helps to top me up. I come back with renewed energy, a renewed sense of purpose and feel ready to continue being the ‘dog with a bone’ in my business. 

A lot of this is personal to each individual, you have to go and do some self-enquiry around what lights you up, what helps you reignite your passion if you find it dwindling, what it is that gives you space to reflect. Being an educational entrepreneur can be exhausting! It is why you need to protect your flow of energy, stay resilient and stay motivated. I talk more about this in the Education Business Podcast, you can find the episode here.  

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