How can I connect with the different audiences in the education sector?

When you are promoting your education business, you will connect with a number of people. You don’t just have one audience, you’ll find that different people will come into contact with you and your brand and you’ve got to make sure the messaging is right for them.

I don’t just mean potential customers and clients either, you need to think about the messaging you send to employees, headteachers, potential collaborators or partnerships, other education entrepreneurs, anyone who may come into your circle.

You want people to get on board with your cause, so you have to meet them where they’re at and help them to get on board.

So, what can you do the better communicate with your different audiences?

First you need to get to grips with who you writing to. Profiling them will help you get into the detail of who you are writing to and what you need to say to them. I quicky worked out when I was tutoring that the parents were the kind that missed that interaction you get from teachers when your child is in early years. They needed more reassurance on how their child was doing at school, what they needed to work on and where their strengths were. This helped me to craft the right messaging to get them to go for more sessions during the school holidays.

You need to think about delivering what they think they need, but also what they really need at the same time.

This means, you’ve also got to be thinking like your audience, which is a real skill. Imaging what they are doing as they interact with your communication. What do they care about? What is happening that could be impacting their thoughts?

You also have to be thinking about what is actually in it for your audience. Telling teachers you can help them get a better life/work balance by showing how great your life/work balance is probably is not the best route. It will just come across as bragging or rubbing it in. So, think carefully about your words.

Thinking about how you respond to different messaging can help you fine tune your messaging. How do you feel when you receive messages in your inbox? What makes you feel good and want to respond positively? What makes you feel frustrated or irritated? Creating a bank of things you know you respond well to will help you work out what makes a good message and what doesn’t.

It’s also good to consider how you would feel if the message you’re putting across would be something you would respond to. If you’ve been in education before, you were probably once your audience! So, use that knowledge and perspective to help you.

I’ve got a few podcast episodes that cover marketing and communicating with different audiences. Why not check them out and see if I can help you fine tune your messaging. Find the podcast here.

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