Could some of my teaching habits slow the growth of my education business?

Could some of my teaching habits slow the growth of my education business?

During your time in the classroom, you will have picked up a lot of skills and habits. But not all of them translate to the business world and may be impacting the growth of your business. Half the battle is simply being aware of them – a lot of things in business come down to awareness – so I’m going to share some of the habits you might want to get in check to help your education business grow.


For some teachers, overworking is a badge of honour, and it is a difficult habit to break. Many of us would fill all the hours in the day with work, evenings and weekends included. This was something I did and continued to do once I started Classroom Secrets. I’m not a big TV watcher and I get bored easily, so I would fill all the time with work – even after I had my children.

But overworking, filling in all the hours with creating and admin, doesn’t allow time to think and to grow. It doesn’t give you space to reflect and work on personal development. It also doesn’t give you time to rest, and something people often forget it that rest is productive.

Spending too much time on admin and not on the things that will make your education business profitable

Teachers love working through a never-ending to-do list; therefore us ex-teachers also love working through that same to-do list. The feeling of ticking off jobs one by one is addictive – and easily becomes a habit! I remember I would sometimes use PPA time to work through that list, working hard and taking lots of a care over the tasks because I was off the fast-paced teaching timetable, and I brought this habit into my business. Suddenly, I had loads of time so I could treat a full week as PPA to get loads ticked off and I felt super productive! But, working on the easy admin and flitting from task to task with abandon was not productive.

Planning in more than is possible

When you’re in teaching and you’re in the routine of overworking, it is easy to plan too much into your day. This is something I am still guilty of. I take tasks from my master to-do list, add them to my daily to-do list and never complete them all. Then I look at my to-do list and think I haven’t gotten the most out of my day. But we are human and can only do so much, so you need to work out your limits and stick to them.

These habits all circle around one theme: time. Our time is precious, and we have to look after it! No one else is going to protect your time. Set time to work on admin and stick to it, set time to work on the content your business sells and stick to it, set time to work on your personal development and stick to it, and set time for your other priorities (family, friends, hobbies) and STICK TO IT.

Fear of judgement

This one is a little different, but no less detrimental to your education business.

Teachers are often judged as part of the job with regular observations and performance management cycles. There’s also the external judgement that can come from parents too. And for some teachers, it can leave its mark and trickle into our education businesses. Trying to sell to teachers and schools can feel icky to us entrepreneurs and that fear of judgement can really impact the way we speak to potential customers, create our products and services, and market our business.

I have a podcast episode on this that covers more habits, which you can listen to here. Habits are hard to create and hard to break, but once you are aware of the habits that aren’t serving you, you’re already on the road to making changes.

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